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Travelling to US calls for lots of fun, parties and tons of lifetime memories. However, let’s just face the truth, apart from financial ability; there are some legal formalities that one has to follow in order to travel US. One such formality would definitely involve getting your hands on visa that would allow you to travel US.

Thanks to usesta for making travelling to USA much simpler. Earlier, the visitors of USA had to completeI-94W form (also known as Visa Waiver), prior to their trip. However, with usesta authorization, the process is quite quick. ESTA is an electronic system which automatically determines the eligibility of the person who is intending to fly US under the Visa Waiver Programme. By our words, it is clear that it is an online process which will allow the visitors to travel as well as stay in US for straight 2 years. This counting starts from the day when the visitor get his/her ESTA travel authorization approved. This gives the visitor the benefit of travelling US for 2 years without further application within the said time (until it expires).


Online Application

The esta application process is as smooth as flowing of breeze. The online application has to be done at least 72 hours before departure. The number of failure stories of esta application is very few. The Department of Homeland Security statistics reveal that almost 99% of applications are approved within few minutes. The application is eligible only for the visa waiver programme citizens. Also, another important fact is that whether you are travelling to USA by air or water, as per the Visa Waiver Programme rules, you are required to have ESTA travel authorization.

Application of e-visa-esta

We will try to explain the process in a simple manner so that you find it quick and easy to understand.

  • First, you have to give your personal details online.
  • Then, make payments for the administration and authorization.
  • With the completion of the payment, your form will be submitted successfully.

That’s pretty much it! The price that the visitor will have to pay for e-visa-estaapplication is quite reasonable. The ESTA reference number is sent within 72hours of application to the given email address. Visitors can renew the ESTA travel authorization once it expires.

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