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Christchurch is the beautiful and the largest city that is located in the South islands of New Zealand. This place is the gateway to explore south islands of the New Zealand. This place offers the best of English heritage and culture. You can also enjoy the natural scenery as well as breath taking views of the hills and mountains. You can do skiing, trekking, camping, hiking, biking, rafting and many other types of fun filled activities and this is the main reason why lots of customers do visit this city on a yearly basis. In holiday season, this place gets overcrowded and it becomes very difficult to find a suitable accommodation for your comfortable stay. So it is best to pre book your hotels, apartments and rooms where you can stay. City centre is the main place which is located in the heart of Christ church. You can book any Christchurch hotel city centre as it is the prime location of the city and most of the restaurants, theatres, museums, art galleries are located closest to this place. Listed below are some of the best hotels of Christchurch where you can stay and spend your holiday in the best possible manner.

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Colombo in the city: Colombo in the city is a hotel and apartment complex that is located in the centre of Christchurch. This hotel and apartments consist of 12 full luxury apartments that are equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities that you desire of. These apartments are made available in 1 bed room apartment and 2 bed room apartments which provides free wifi 24×7 and free car parking. The apartment provides you with clean, comfortable, peaceful and silent environment. All the windows and door are double glazed which allow proper light to come in and provides you with efficient heating. The bedrooms are cozy and comfortable and are equipped with LCD TV, DVD player, and electric blanket. The kitchen is fully furnished and equipped with all the modern cooking appliances such as toaster, microwave and many other kitchen appliances and utensils using which you can prepare your own food. Kitchen also offers a dining table as well as chairs where you can sit and enjoy your food. The hotel also provides food just in case if you don’t like cooking food.

Amross court motor lodge: Amross cross motor lodge is the best place to stay as it is located in central Christchurch which is the heart of the city. This lodge is indeed a great place to stay as it provides you with all the luxury and comfort that you want in your hotel stay. You can choose from the 14 spacious clean and hygienic rooms which are equipped with comfortable mattress, cooling and heating units, free wifi and many other necessary amenities. These rooms also provide you with kitchen, breakfast bar with 2 chairs, clean and hygienic bathroom and toilet, 42’ plasma TV on which you can watch some international news and sports. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary utensils that you need for preparing your food. The bedrooms are equipped with electric blankets and heating cooling units. All the windows are double glazed which provides you with noise cancellation, better light and privacy that you may need. This lodge also provides you with free car parking if you have a car with you.

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Commodore Hotel: Commodore hotel is one luxury hotel that is located just three minutes away from Christchurch airport. This hotel is best for busy businessmen who have to catch flights every now and then on a frequent basis. The hotel offers all the leisure that you want in your comfortable stay. This hotel has a lot to offer to its guests. It provides you with business class rooms, premium rooms, family rooms and corporate rooms. Each room provides you with different comfort and features. The hotel also provides you with free wifi so that you may take care of your business by staying at the hotel. The hotel also provides 24×7 shuttle service to the guest whether they are arriving at the airport or take are going to airport to catch the flight. The hotel has its own bar and restaurants where you can enjoy some delicious food and cuisines.

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