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In an amusement park, you can go on a roller coaster that carries you up and down, or you can go on another kind of ride that whirls you around in a circle. Similarly, there are different sorts of entertaining experiences in the theater.
~Wallace Shawn

Amusement parks are a way of letting go of the normal, going against gravity and experiencing speed like never before. Amusement parks are also cotton candies and carousels. It is larger than life sets where your inner child thrives. It is an experience to be young and carefree once again.
There was a time when people in India had to travel abroad to experience the thrill and excitement of an amusement park. However, today one doesn’t need to make a hole in their pockets to enjoy this adrenaline rush. Amusement parks are a big business in India and one can enjoy these parks in cities near them.

Top three Amusement parks in India that can satisfy your adrenaline crave are:


AdlabsImagica and Aqua Imagica: If you are a person who likes Amusement parks than Imagica has to be there on your list of places to visit. Located in Khopoli at just 67.8kms away from Mumbai, one can enjoy this amusement park by simply hiring Mumbai to Imagica cabs. It is till date one of India’s big budget amusement parks. It was modeled on Universal studios and from the time of its opening in 2013, it has been one of the most visited holiday destination in India.
The reviews for this amusement park have been great. It has been on several occasions been compared to Disney Land and has been called a small version of it. The rides and the theme parks in this park look no less than a picture of a fairy tale and are a pure delight not just to the kids but the adults as well.
Prices (per adult):
Weekday: Rs.1,299/-
Weekend: Rs.1,499/-
Happy Tuesdays: Rs.999/-
Peak Season: Rs.1,899/-


Ramoji Film City: This is the place to be for anyone who is interested in movies. This park situated near Hyderabad (33.7kms) is the place that nurtures your love affair with the movies and will keep a person entertained throughout.
Hundreds of movies are shot in this location and one can see the transition of the sets to movies. Not just that one can enjoy live shows in this place. This place also houses Bonsai Park and Butterfly Park for one and all to enjoy. It also has theme parks filled with amazing rides, adventure parks and last but not the least an entertainment park specially designed for the kids.
One can reach this place by simply hiring a Hyderabad to Ramoji Film City car rental.
The prices start at Rs.1,000/- for the adults and Rs.900/- for the kids.


Wonder La: With world class infrastructure for an amusement park, it is one of the most visited gateways from Bangalore. Located at just 27.2kms away from the city of Bengaluru in the Mysore-Bengaluru highway, one can reach this place by booking a Bangalore to Wonder La taxi.
This amusement park is clean, green and is filled with rides in every corner. It is also popular because of its sister Aqua Park that is inside the premises of this park. One can enjoy the waves of the beach as well as lazy around in the lazy pools that are present in this park.
Price (per adult):
Regular Days: Rs.1,100/-
Peak Days: Rs.1.300/-
One can also avail the fast track tickets for a little bit higher prices at Rs.1,700/- (Normal) and Rs.2,100/- (Peak)

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