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Uganda Mountain Holiday - Rwenzori

The most beautiful mountain in Africa are the Rwenzori Mountains Lunae Montes, aka ’Mountains of the Moon’ with heights of up to 5,109 m asl.

Photo: Mount Stanley - Rwenzori Mountains ©Flickr/Martin V Morris2


The Rwenzori Mountains are located in the central Africa, on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in the Ugandan National Park an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In the Rwenzori Range, some of the main peaks are covered with permanent snow and glacier, while the lower slopes are covered with dense forest. Besides there are several massifs such as Point Margherita, the third highest African summit after, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya.


The Rwenzori National Park characterized by an alpine highland of glaciers, snowfields and lakes with distinct vegetation zones, several endangered species and the richest mountain flora in Africa other than a very unusual cloud forest.


About a gear list.

Below are the items you would need for the climb. If you cannot carry them all, they are available for hire at the Mt. Rwenzori park offices.  

  • Gas cooker/fuel  
  • Rope
  • Crampons 
  • Harnesses 
  • Ice axe 
  • Sleeping bag 
  • Climbing boots 
  • Cap
  • Trouser 
  • Jacket /sweaters 
  • Rubber boots 
  • Garters 
  • Gloves
When to go;
Best time to climb the Rwenzori mountain are during the dry seasons in Uganda; From December to Mid April, and from June to August or sometimes upto mid September. Hiking can be challenging during the rainny seasons.

For further information on guided mount Rwenzori tours and accommodation, call +256 (0)414 340533, +256 (0)312 260559 or Skype:
Posted by: Mamerito Ssenfuma on 15 December 2011

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