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How do you make the perfect cup of Arabic Coffee?

We often get asked, "how do you make the perfect cup of Arabic coffee?"
Well there are a couple of ways in which you can make Arabic Coffee; number (1) you can always use the Cafetière method, or, and in our expert opinion the better way, number (2) you can use a Dallah (traditional Arabic Coffee Pot). The latter method gives the drinker the very best cup of Arabic Coffee, but to make it perfectly depends on your skill and years of experience 
If you're new to making coffee with a Dallah, below are our recommended five steps that will send you on your way to making the perfect cup of Arabic Coffee:  
Step 1) Fill the Dallah with water and begin to heat it over a medium flame 
Step 2) Once near to boiling point, reduce the heat or remove the Dallah completely from the heat source
Step 3) Add the ground coffee slowly (about 1 large teaspoon per 50ml of water) stirring gently
Step 4) Add sugar (to taste if required) and reheat the coffee mixture gently but make sure that the coffee doesn't boil over
Step 5) Remove from the heat source and leave for a minute and then serve in a small cup - and there you have an excellent cup of Arabica Coffee. 

We highly, highly recommend that you enjoy Arabic Coffee with sweet delights from Arabic Food - such as dates
All of our blends of Arabica Coffee (either AmmanDamascusRamallah or Riyadh) can be made with a Dallah, or in a Cafetière should you prefer. 
Arabian Coffees is a producer of Arabic Coffee blends made from freshly ground coffee beans. Our traditional Arabica Coffee is at it's best when enjoyed with Arabic Food. 

Posted by: Ed Mulholland on 14 February 2012

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