Can You Afford Renting A Private Jet?


The general opinion of charter jets is that they’re the province of the super-rich. However, that’s all in the past. Owning a jet is still expensive, but you can now get a cheap private jet rental if you really want to. If you’ve got the cash and want the convenience, you should be able to rent a jet for your flight.

It is not as expensive as some people think. Air taxi companies are actually advertising group round trip tickets that will only cost you the price of a first-class ticket. This can range from $450 to $900. That’s actually pretty cheap considering owning a jet can cost you millions. If you need a quick trip and have friends to share the flight with, then renting a private jet would be appropriate.

What To Consider

If you’ve made your decision on hiring a private jet, then you will need to consider a couple of things. The first thing to keep in mind is the distance. A small distance of travel will only require a small plane. However, the more distant the destination, the larger your craft is going to be. Additionally, the distance can also force your jet to refuel.

Another component of your prospective renting is how much baggage you will be bringing along. For short business trips, this is no problem. You hardly bring anything along on such trips anyway. However, if you have a large party, your luggage demands go higher, too.

There are additional factors that can affect your rental price. For example, the departure time and the date of your flight can also potentially raise or lower your rent of the plane. This is because there are peak demand hours for flights, so supply and demand can force prices higher.

Additionally, private jets need to be paid the round trip; they need to be profitable every time they go into the air. If you travel to an obscure location, the jet needs to be paid for its return to normal air lanes. This is because a plane without passengers returning with it, it is losing money.

If you’re interested in renting a jet, then you should ask for a full quote from your broker. This will give you the full price of your trip. This will include landing fees, ramp fees, and everything that can add to the costs.

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Fly With Privilege

Why exactly should you rent a private jet? First, you will be able to avoid the many blocks to air travel nowadays. When you travel on commercial flights, you will have to jump a lot of hoops. You will be processed quickly avoiding the long lines. Additionally, you will not have to worry about being delayed or kicked off the line.

Second, you will have access to some places that normal flights can’t reach. Charter flights can take you to smaller airports. Finally, you get dedicated attention from the crew. On a commercial flight, you share the crew with hundreds of other passengers. Overall, private jet rental should be a good choice for those with the money to use it.
When going for cheap private rental, it doesn’t mean the company should be taking shortcuts. If you want a bacgrounder on what happens behind the scene, read this

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