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In order to benefit from a quality service, it is essential to indicate your need for assistance with your airline at the time of booking and at the latest 48 hours before the published departure time of your flight. Your request will be validated for the entire trip.

The day of your flight Accessibility and Parking

The terminal is totally accessible for the disabled or disabled. Places are reserved for them on the park P1 covered and some places on the park P2 of proximity. Moreover, they benefit from the park P2 of proximity at the price of the economic park P3. Regularization is made upon return of the ticket to the parking service. Check out car park plans and rates for more support.

Solve advises you to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before the published departure time of your flight. Report as soon as you arrive at check-in counters. For your convenience, the check-in desks are specially equipped. Once you have been notified, the assistance service for people with reduced mobility comes to take care of you. You are guided in the airport and accompanied at each stage of the registration to your installation aboard the aircraft. For more information, see the interior plan of the terminal. Arrival of the flight and correspondence At the arrival of your flight, you will be picked up on the plane by the assistance service for people with reduced mobility at your arrival stop and you are accompanied in the arrival room to receive your luggage until the exit of the airport. You are also accompanied in case of correspondence.

Each company applies its own rules on the weight and dimensions of luggage. Passengers are therefore advised to check with their airline. In case you fail to get details, Solve team is always there to guide you in case of any assistance. There are, however, a number of guidelines to be observed regardless of the company you are traveling with.

Solve advises customers that the Checked-in luggage must be deposited at a check-in counter or at the check-in counter for passengers already checked in.

Hazardous substances and materials are prohibited in checked baggage. These are detonating and explosive substances (firecrackers, fireworks, detonators, ammunition,), flammable materials (gasoline, paints, etc.), dangerous chemicals, gases, Self-defense throwing irritant or tear gas. It is recommended to remove all old labels from your luggage to avoid confusion. Passengers with particularly heavy or bulky baggage must approach their airline to find out the rates and terms of transportation for the baggage.

Free and unlimited wireless internet at the airport!

From your computer or mobile phone, you can access the internet by connecting to the “Wifi by solve network. You will then be redirected to the portal. After answering a few questions you will receive your access code on your mobile phone. So, make your travel enjoyable anywhere in the world.

Apart from this, they offer luxury concierge services for making your travel smooth and hassle-free. You can call them and book their services for any assistance needed.

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