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Car rental services have many online sites which offer various rates for the same journey. You have to compare the various prices quoted by the various sites of car rental companies. This search and comparison may come with riders applied by the rental companies. You must checkout those riders and also look for the hidden cost if any, which could disrupt your plans of getting the best rental by car rental comparison.

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How to select the best car rental?

  • You must start comparing the rates of the car rental as soon as you decide your tour program no matter when you are planning to go on the tour. It is seen that the early birds always fetch the best price. This strategy of getting the best rental really works. You must book your rented car at the earliest and you can compare with the early price with the various offers you are getting before going on the tour.
  • Car rental prices can be compared by making some innovative plans to your plan. Checkout as what will be the rent of the car if you hire it outside the airport. You can also find out what will be the car rent if you drop at nearby place to your destination. Then you can do the comparison with your original booking and find out the difference between the two rates. If the difference between the two rates is good enough then you can make the necessary change in your plan to save the given amount.
  • There are rental sites which are not included by the travel sites. Thus, your research for the best car rents will not show the results of such websites. So, you must checkout with the sites which provide local services. On landing at such sites you should search for car rental service. Checkout your rates with them. You will have the advantage of searching for the car rental on these sites that some of them offer to pay you after you take the services of the car. You can check this out also.
  • While comparing the rental of the cars you must find out, other services which the company is providing. You can find out the value of such services which are provided to you as complementary by some companies. After adding the values go for the final check of the prices.
  • Car rental companies charge extra money for the extra services and sometimes this amount is more than your basic rental. Hence, if you could save on this you can make the deal by bargain on the basic rental and not paying anything extra. You can deny the insurance services as if you own a car, then your basic insurance covers you when you hire a car. Similarly, if you do not use the navigation system then you save a good amount on daily basis, you can use the navigation system of your phone which works equally good. Few of the company charges for services whether you use them or not. You can talk the sales representative for the discount.

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