Going on a Cruise? Review Your Travel Insurance Options


Setting sail for a tropical destination is always an exciting excursion. When you plan this type of activity, the last thing you expect is for something to go wrong. However, you need to review cruise insurance packages before you embark to ensure that any unanticipated events will not be upsetting. Whether you plan to take a short cruise trip or are planning to be away for several months, you need cruise insurance protection.

Make Sure You Are Sufficiently Covered

When choosing cover, you need to determine the amount of curtailment and cancellation protection you will need. If you are going to be cruising for quite some time then, you will need to buy more insurance. Make sure any expenses can be easily recouped if you cannot travel. In addition, you will need to include sufficient liability and medical cover. The last thing you want to do is pay out of pocket should you get injured or sick. If you will be going to a tropical or remote destination, you may need to be airlifted to a hospital. Therefore, make sure you are covered so you do not regret your decision to take a cruise trip.


Events Covered by Cruise Insurance

When you are checking out cruise trip insurance quotes then, make sure that a policy will personally satisfy all your cover requirements. You will not experience any smooth sailing if you do not buy this type of protection. Besides the benefits featured with a regular travel insurance policy, cruise cover also offers financial safeguards for the following events:

  • Airlifting to a medical facility from the cruise ship
  • Cabin confinement
  • Trip interruption during the cruise
  • A modification to the itinerary
  • Missed departure
  • Cover for missed excursions

Reviewing Travel and Cruise Plans Online

If you plan to make a cruise travel insurance comparison, you need to review the protections for a single-trip travel plan as well as a yearly travel insurance policy. Add cruise cover to each of these plans to consider the overall benefits. Because of the nature of a cruise, you will probably be visiting several ports, even if you are only making one-day stops. If you are making comparisons online then, use a filter to narrow down the costs associated with travelling to certain countries.

When you compare quotes, make sure not to underinsure your trip. Look at the amount of cancellation cover that is offered. Never select a plan that offers a lower amount of cover than what the cruise costs. If you make this choice, it could void the policy. Also, remember that the cover limits on any particular insurance policy is the individual limit for each person insured. So, if you and another person are taking a cruise and it costs £4,000, you need to make sure that the minimum cancellation cover amounts to £2,000 per traveller.

Besides cancellation cover, review the travel insurance exclusions and cover benefits. These normally include lost or stolen belongings, personal accidents, emergency medical and repatriation, liability, travel delays, and legal expenses. You need to be fully covered. So, make sure you have all the necessary protection in place.

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