How is the escape game played, or Regular player’s experience

Escape games that looked like fun for nerds at first, developed themselves into something enormous and became a true phenomenon in Czech republic just during several months. More and more people want to try out, how it is to be locked up in a themed room and to try to get out using ciphers, solving puzzles and riddles. These so called escape rooms are variously themed, and the experience of such game is truly unforgettable. They can be played by everyone – from children to seniors, up to the whole family.


Lacing the boots…

As it is told (and it really is), Prague is really mystic city with its rich history on alchemy, occultism  and many other related stuff. Personally, this is not my cup of tea, because of some reasons, but my personal creed doesn’t forbid me to be interested in such things and read through various manuscripts,  carefully selecting between the odd ones and really useful and interesting stuff. I’m also interested in crypto- and stegnography, but only as an object of my fascination, thus I’ve never been capable to  solve any cipher from its very beginning. But I’ve always wanted to use my experience and  have a look, what I’m really capable of.

…to put them on the ground

Truely, I was looking for something really interesting and fascinating. As far as I don’t have much time to waste and I really, really didn’t want to be disappointed, I’ve decided to try the Escape from Harry’s Magic Room. It offered me everything I was fond of: old-looking manuscripts, a little bit of fantasy, lots of fairytale-magic and some sort of mechanisms. Yes, I forgot to mention my passion for mechanisms, and I have to say, I was literally fed them. I couldn’t come there unprepared, so I’ve decided to refresh my Latin a bit. Useless. Why?


Take it as extreme situation

One most important thing: come unprepared. The experience will be much better and you are literally compelled to use the knowledge you have previously obtained. No other way. Imagine the escape game as a real situation with a ticking clock and your life endangered. The adrenaline will boost you more, and you will try to solve every riddle precisely and accurately. The second one is breath. Even if things go south, always remain calm – control your breath rate. Disregard the big hand ticking, but think constantly. The third thing is teamwork. If you are a solo player, it will teach you how to work in a team, but don’t be a general in this field. Support the others, seek for their help and do your best to take them out. They may be your saviors – and in fact they are.

Honestly, I’m glad there is something like in Czech republic and it is really evolving, using even artificial intelligence and several smart devices. This way of entertainment is also educational, and may even tighten bonds between you and your friends, so why won’t you try it?

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