How To Have A Luxury Holiday For Less


Are you celebrating a special occasion this year, like a wedding anniversary or a landmark birthday? Or, are you just yearning for some opulence in your life? If so, you may have considered booking a luxury vacation. Perhaps your holiday dreams include sipping a cocktail on a stunning beach or enjoying a lavish meal in an elegant hotel. However, as we all know, vacations like this do not come cheap. But, don’t disregard this option just yet. With the right know-how, it is entirely possible to enjoy a luxury holiday for less. Read on for advice and tips on how you can do this.

When to book

Booking as early as possible will save you money on your luxury vacation. Although you can often get great deals by booking last minute on website like, your options for destination and accommodation will be fewer. This could mean you may jeopardize the crucial luxury element of your vacation. Book your travel and accommodation as soon as you have decided on a destination to ensure you get the best deals.

When to travel

Being flexible when it comes to when you go on your vacation will help you find low prices. If you can, avoid busy times of the year including the summer months and school holidays. Otherwise, you will pay peak prices. Instead, look for end of season deals in the spring and late summer. In most destinations, vacationing at off-peak times will still mean pleasant weather and they will be less crowded.

Where to go

It is important to remember that the further you have to travel, the more expensive the holiday will be because of the flight costs. Choosing a destination that is not too far from home will save you money. Trips to Blackpool are a great idea. It’s an easy location to get to from most places in the UK, and the abundance of attractions and the stunning seaside will make you feel as if you on a holiday abroad. So, have a look for interesting locations nearby; you may just uncover a real gem!

How long to go for

Think quality over quantity. If two weeks in your perfect setting is out with your budget, consider reducing your vacation by a few days to make it more affordable.

Choosing accommodation

Staying in luxury accommodation doesn’t have to mean paying for a five-star hotel. For most, luxurious accommodation requires excellent service, quality, comfortable furnishings and a beautiful location. It is possible to find great holiday accommodation options that offer these elements at an affordable price. Find great deals on beach homes, boutique bed and breakfasts and upscale campsites by searching online. Read reviews from previous guests to get a better idea of whether the accommodation meets your requirements.


Finally, if you are celebrating a special occasion such as a honeymoon or an anniversary, don’t be embarrassed to use this fact to your advantage. Tell your airline and hotel about your celebration and ask them if they are willing to offer you any perks. They may be able to upgrade you to business or first class on the flight, or you may be able to stay in a more luxurious hotel room.

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