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Making a Difference in the Hospitality Industry


Anyone who has any experience working in the hospitality industry will tell you that it is a difficult sector in which to work. The entire industry is based on pleasing customers and this can sometimes be a difficult road for those who are not accustomed to it. Whether you are running a restaurant, café, bar, hotel, or commercial kitchen, the truth is that there are a number of common factors that contribute to success. Of course, there is always some degree of good fortune involved, but how can you keep people coming back to your establishment?

Thinking Big

One major problem for people in the hospitality industry is that they will often get stuck in a rut and not think in terms of the bigger picture. Running any business is tough work, but in the hospitality industry, those details can often be obscured by a desire to please the customer at all costs. While that intention is certainly good, it is also wise to think outside of the box lest you end up running around chasing your tail.

One way to think outside of the box is to identify those parts of the business that can be safely and securely offloaded to third parties that provide expert service. Rather than trying to do everything yourself and enduring an early nervous breakdown, is it not wiser to seek the services of expert third parties who can actually help your business look its best?


Who Does Your Linen?

Take your line as an example. Whether you are running a restaurant, kitchen, or bar, clean linen on a daily basis is an absolute must! In fact, the state of your linen speaks volumes about your business and your overall brand.

Nowhere are first impressions more important than in the hospitality business. Imagine that you are a customer and you walk into a restaurant and see dirty stains on the tablecloth linen? Imagine that you are a hotel guest and the staff have tatty and dirty looking uniforms on? What does all of this say to you about the business in question? Would you go back there a second time or are you more likely to write a poor online review to tell other people to stay away?

The other thing to consider is that clean linen actually helps your staff feel better about being a part of your business. A crisp and cleanly pressed uniform, provided by experts like Stalbridge Linen, lets them know that you really care not only about them, but also about the first impressions that all of your customers experience. It makes them feel like part of a team and strengthens team morale. This can only be beneficial for employee happiness and productivity!

The Details Matter

In the hospitality industry, the details really do matter. First impressions are important and entire brands can be made or broken through the customer experience. In this context, why not outsource your linen to an experienced third party who understands the industry and can take the pressure off of your growing business.

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