Monuments in Kampala

22 February 2012


Kampala rates among the safest cities in Africa –very true!  Kampala has many free and easy to access monuments that include those in the city centre and a few on the outskirts. Don’t leave Uganda without paying tribute to these fabulous sculptures the country has to offer. Below is a list of monuments in Kampala.

The Independence Monument

The Independence Monument, standing majestically at a height of 6 metres, is a must see if you are travelling to Kampala. The monument situated in the heart of Uganda’s capital Kampala between the Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel and Stan-Chart bank, is one of the most distinctive landmark of Uganda.


In 2011, Google search dedicated a doodle to Uganda as she celebrated its 49th year of independence.  (Doodles are the redesign of the Google logo to mark holidays and anniversaries through the year)

Uganda’s Independence Monument was constructed by former British Colonial Government just before Uganda celebrated its first independence on Tuesday 9th October 1962.  


The monument depicts a man unwrapping a child and raising the child to touch the sky. The sculpture signifies a new born country let free from colonialism and bondages.  


It was on 5 October 1962 when the monument was unveiled by Uganda’s first Prime Minister (RIP) Apollo Milton Obote, a few days before Uganda’s first Independence celebrations.


The Independence Monument was built by Gregory Magoba, one of Uganda’s first professional sculptors.


The Stride Monument
Situated between the Uganda Parliament Gardens and Kampala Serena Hotel, the Stride Monument, was built in commemoration of Uganda hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 2007 and was unveiled by the Queen of England during the CHOGM summit. The huge aluminum monument was built by 11 professional sculptors headed by Prof. George Kyeyune.

The monument depicts a husband, wife and son moving forward, a symbol that the commonwealth of countries developing together as a family.

The Stride Monument is estimated to be the most expensive monument in Uganda with the work of its construction costing the country over Ush150 million.



Sir. Edward Muteesa II monument
The Sir Edward Muteesa II Monument is situated next to the Independence monument at the junction of Speke road and Nile Avenue. Overlooking the Post Office Kampala, the monument was built to pay tribute Edward Muteesa II (first president of Uganda) for his invaluable contribution to Uganda’s independence.

The monument depicts Sir Edward Muteesa (also 35th King of the Buganda kingdom of Uganda) dressed in military fatigue.

The Muteesa II monument was built with funding from Bank of Uganda, Steel product manufacturer- Roofings Ltd and local entrepreneur Mr. Gordon Wavamunno.
The monument was unveiled by the reigning King “Kabaka” of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi in 2007.

World War Memorial Monument
The World War Monument is reputed to be the oldest monument in Kampala. It was built in 1945 by the British colonial government.

The monument standing at the Constitutional Square in Kampala near the fence of the Uganda High Court was built during the British era in memory of Uganda soldiers who died during the 1st and 2nd world wars. The 5ft monument is also depicted on the front side of the Uganda Shilling Five Thousand note (2010).

The Centenary Monument
The Centenary monument located at the popular Centenary Park in Kampala, along Jinja road and neighbouring Hotel Africana, was erected to commemorate a centenary of Kampala City Council's (the city planning and administrating body) existence and its contribution to social economic development of the city.

Overlooking the famous Kibuli Hill, the Centenary Monument was designed by Sylvia Katende, a Makerere University artist.

 The 6ft Centenary Monument of a treadmill protected by shields signifies progress. This memorial is also depicted on Twenty Thousand Uganda Shillings note (2010).


Centenary Park also houses one of traditional dressed woman sculptures. Designed in wire-mesh and concrete covering, the sculpture depicts of a Kiganda lady fully dressed in traditional ‘gomesi’ with body adornment carrying a lady pass.


Education monuments
Most universities and a few colleges in Uganda have got at least a monument (s) symbolizing the role of education.

The education monument at Kyambogo University in Kampala depicts three children striving to touch a book. The monument was built in celebration of the 100 years of the education sector in Uganda and was unveiled in 1996 by the then Prime Minister of Uganda - Kintu Musoke.

Another notable monument situated at the Teachers House grounds (Bombo Road) of a woman raising a book depicts that teachers are great people in shaping the future of a nation. The monuments is estimated to be standing at 3-metres high.

The Statue of Leadership
The Statue of Leadership situated outside Amber House (Kampala road) may be considered as a cerebration of one of Uganda's major milestones - the introduction of electricity.

Situated overlooking the Kampala road, the Statue of Leadership sculpture depicts Sir Apollo Michael Kawalya Kaggwa, who is perhaps best known for his vision and foresight in accelerating the kingdom’s development.

 During his tenure as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Buganda in Uganda (1890 - 1926) Apollo Kaggwa fiercely advocated and persuaded the people of Buganda to embrace electricity. 

The late Kaggwa requested the British through its colonial secretary Jones Crouch, for electricity and purified water to be introduced in Buganda.

Unaware of the benefits of electricity, Kaggwa was widely ridiculed by kingdom's subjects for asking for worthless things as electricity instead of asking for guns and gold. It is said that many believed electricity lines would destroy their plantations.

The seven feet Statue of Leadership was built with funding from the electricity body in collaboration with and national water body. The monument was unveiled in 2002 by Hon. Saida Bbumba - the then national Minister of Energy and Mineral Development.


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