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Sinclair Restaurant’s Tasting and Discovery Menus


At Restaurant Sinclair the Tasting and Discovery Menus are a good way to get acquainted with the specialties of the house.


Le Menu Dégustation, or “Tasting Menu” is a type of prixe fix menu which features several sample portions of several of the courses of the menu to introduce you to the chef’s inspirations.  The Tasting Menu starts with a chef-inspired Amuse-Bouche (single bite to awaken the palate).  Following this preface, the tasting menu features these sample items:


  • ENTREE: Quebec foie gras served torchon style with a McIntosh chutney, homemade brioche, and an apple cider jelly (with a wine recommendation of a 2013 Chateau Pesquie P & E Chaudiere Muscat Beaumes-de-Venise)
  • ENTREMENT: Fresh, pan-seared Japan scallops served on a bed of Madagascar vanilla-flavored mashed pumpkin with broken chestnuts and a hazelnut butter emulsion (and wine recommendation of a 2015 Isadora Vinas Cousino-Macul Sauvignon Gris Valle de Maipo
  • MAIN DISH: The main dish feature a trio of Quebec cheese along with St-Viateur Bagel chips and candied fruit (and a wine recommendation for a 10-year Taylor Flatdgate Vinhos Graham Tawny), as well as your choice of:
    • Slow, Oven-roasted Stansteed rabbit leg and ballotine atop a maple glazed heirloom carrot puree served with organic carrot butter and an old-fashioned Dijonnaise sauce (and wine recommendation: 2011 Societe Agricola Fontanafredda Barolo Seraluanga d’Alba)
    • pan-seared Quebec bison steak served on a caramelized turnip mash with roasted parsnips and a blueberry jus (and wine recommendation: 2015 Vinas Cousino-Macul Antiguas Reservas Cabernet Sauvignon Valle de Maipo)
  • DESSERT: Finally, you can enjoy coffee and tea along with the chef’s dessert selection, in this case a milk chocolate dome with a mango & passion fruit soft heart and an orange tile (and wine pairing: 2010 Vendanges Tardives Valle de Casablanca Vinas Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc


Le Menu Découverte, or the “Discovery Menu” is similar to the tasting menu, though, in a slightly different way. Regardless, here are some of the items additional to the Discovery Menu:

  • soup of the day
  • Atlantic salmon graviax served with a Granny Smith apple espuma and a curry-coconut milk emulsion
  • Phillips crab with Cannelloni and fennel jelly served with a spicy mayonnaise and squid ink with a citrus vinaigrette
  • Torchon-style Quebec foie gras served with a Kent mango chutney along with a homemade brioche and a Quebec apple-cider jelly
  • Oriental-style Australian lamb shank confit served with bulgur and a star anise lamb jus
  • Pan-seared striped sea bass served with braised artichokes, Prosciutto di Parma, sliced tomato confit, and shredded Brussels sprouts
  • lightly-seared fresh Japan scallops served with sliced chorizo and a duo of puree & minced royal butternut squash with a hazelnut butter
  • Molten lave cake with chestnuts and dark chocolate and a touch of salted caramel

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