Staycation Is Catching Up In India


Vacations are seen as an antidote to work. They are medicines, a remedy for counteracting the efforts of labor. Vacations allow us to be away from the job, to change the patterns of our day, to alert our routine, to reconfigure our actions and habits, to rediscover ourselves.” ALGINI

With so much work pressure and high-stress schedules, one needs to change their routine and gets some rest as well as enjoyment. But it is always not possible to go out somewhere and spend a number of days out. So, the concept of Staycationcame out.

A staycation means vacationing within the city. Stay-cationis one of the newest ways of catching up on your travel cravings. Stay-cation also known as “Holistay”became popular in US and UK during 2007-2010. Professionals with hectic lifestyle are getting now attracteda lot towards this concept. They find it very convenient and full of enjoyment in a limited period.The holiday app “NightStay” is a great way to find suitable deals of Staycation!

Benefits of Staycation

  • Less expensive:Staycation proves to be in expensive. Many activities done in your home town will cost you far less in comparison to doing similar activities during vacations. Even if you go to big events, you will be able to save a lot of money.
  • Reduction in travel cost: vacations come with a stress of traveling. Entertainment to some level is reduced in being punctual for flights; check in and out the hotels, proper packing while going or coming back. Staycation vacations have just need to be enjoyed without taking thestress of all this.
  • No schedule: While on vacations, there is always a foundation of exploring that city or country, but in a staycation, you can have fun just by going to a five-star restaurant or for a movie or even for a spa.
  • Easy planning: Planning for a staycation will prove to be a piece of cake for you. Do you need to be clear in your mind what do you want exactly for yourself to get relaxed? As soon as you are clear, your planning gets over. No tension of booking, packing exists over here.


Different Options for Staycation

  • Hotels: Get yourself checked into a topclass hotel and spend a comfortable weekend. Give yourself a routine change by spending a night or two and availing high-class services.Log on to for more information on Staycation deals in India. You can also check  if you live in Delhi.
  • Outdoor activities: Doing outdoor activities like playing different sports,e.g., Tennis, football, golf or opting for going on a long bike ride or even watching live games in person can help you a lot in reducing stress and make your body relaxed.
  • Movie or show: Simply watching amovie outside your house or going for a 3D experience in giant theaters can make your day very special. You can even choose to travel to watch the shows in which you have interest’s like- dancing show, singing show, opera, etc.
  • Beach, Pool, and shopping: Water will always make you feel excited and energetic. You can plan your Staycationholiday near a beach and in late hours can turn up for shopping. This shopping should be exclusively for you and your family. You should not include house hold things unless you urgently need them.
  • Home: By taking a nap spending time with family, reading your favorite book, doing exercise can make your day super ausum.

“Vacations are necessities not luxury.” If you don’t want to spend on long vacations, then just opt for a staycation and relax for some time.

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