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Are you planning for the holidays or want to go anywhere for refreshment, but don’t know where you should visit. So, you can plan to spend your vacations in Uganda. Here are many tourist places where you can travel and take new experiences but the main place where you must visit is a national park situated in the southwest of Uganda. The Mgahinga national park in Uganda is the main tourist attraction place. The scene around the park attracts tourists and yearly thousands of visitors come here to enjoy the natural beauty. There are also many nearby attractions where you can visit when you come here. If you want to plan to come here you can get all the information from website  before arrival to make your journey convenient and joyful.


What makes this place special for tourists?

The things that make this park attractive place for tourists are as follows:

  • The three Virunga volcanoes present in northernmost of the northern slopes covered by this park.
  • The park is bordered by two countries, in the west, it is bordered with Congo and from the south it is bordered with Rwanda.
  • This national park is spread in 33.7sq. Km and also have three volcanoes which are extinct now.

Nearby attractions of the park

Not only the park but the scene around it also makes it the best place for tourists. The scene of three volcanoes is a memorable scene because these Virunga volcanoes that 6 in numbers, 3 of them are divided among three countries Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. This is the place where around half of the total population of mountain gorilla which is an endangered species is found.

So, if you want to take the experience of these things you can plan to visit Uganda.

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