Tourism in the Small Country of New Zealand

Tourism in New Zealand is a booming industry and for good reason. Around the world, the country is seen as one of the top vacation spots, and there is also a booming domestic tourism industry too. New Zealand has received several awards regarding its popularity among vacationers. Since 2008, readers of the magazine Condé Nast Traveler, which specializes in luxurious vacations and travels, vote New Zealand as one of the top destination to travel to. Part of the charm of the country are the activities, the environment and the scenery. It also helps that the hospitality industry is one of the best in the world because of its welcoming hotels and comfortable accommodations.

New Zealand’s Tourism Industry

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Tourism is a high priority for business owners, franchises, corporations and the government of New Zealand because it contributes so much to the economy of the country. According to Wikipedia, in 2013, the tourism industry contributed to 7.3 billion New Zealand dollars to the country’s gross domestic product, which accounts for close to four percent. The effects of tourism indirectly favor the economy as well. For example, tourists coming to New Zealand to buy and ship gifts and goods make up part of its export economy. For a place to be so dependent upon tourism means it has incentive to make tourists happy, especially international tourists. Right now, according to a government website, Paula Bennett is the Minister of Tourism, and she is also the Deputy Prime Minister of the country.

The Key Destinations of New Zealand



There are several key destinations in New Zealand. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the majority of travelers arriving in New Zealand for tourism arrive at the Auckland airport, and as of 2009 two percent of visitors still arrived by way of ship. Once the tourists are in the country, they usually spend time in one of several key places. Some of the main tourist destinations in New Zealand are Auckland, Queenstown, Wellington, Rotorua and Christchurch, which were listed as the key destinations, and the information was archived online by the Ministry of Economic Development in 2011. Making reservations in these cities ahead of time is probably smart, and it is fairly easy. For example, all one has to do to find lodgings in Christchurch is do a simple Google search of hotels in Christchurch. Again, New Zealand is top tourist destination internationally, so if you are visiting one of the key destinations, it is smart to make hotel reservations ahead of time.

People love New Zealand. The most popular activities are sightseeing, camping and hiking. Many people view visiting the nation as an adventure. The nation has spent and made a lot of money to accommodate tourists that arrive for these activities by creating and maintaining hiking and walking paths like the popular Milford Track, which has garnered international recognition, according to // There are always tourism projects being worked on, so make a reservation in one of the great cities of New Zealand.

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