What Is Covered By A Typical Travel Insurance Policy?


When you are going on holiday, it is sensible to get some travel insurance to cover you and the rest of your family. A holiday is meant to be one of the happiest time of the year, but certain problems can arise that will need be covered by your travel insurance. People who are not covered by health insurance are putting themselves at risk of having to pay lots of their own money in order to fix these problems that can occasionally occur.

What eventualities are covered by quality travel insurance?

Having A Motorbike Accident

Travelling through countries on a motorbike is often the best way to experience a country or an entire continent. South America and Asia are popular destinations for people to hire a motorcycle and go exploring.

Comprehensive travel insurance will cover you in the event of an accident you have whilst you are riding the motorcycle. Roads in certain parts of the world can be more unpredictable than what you are used to because people might not follow traffic laws and the road surface may be poor quality.

You should always wear a helmet and proper shoes when you are riding a motorcycle, to minimise the risk of a serious injury. Now Travel Insurance comes recommended for cheap insurance policies which cover motorbike accidents.

You will need to make sure that you have a fully valid driving license and that you get some practice on a motorbike before you decide to take a long trip on two-wheels. Then you will feel suitably prepared to handle the bike properly.


Crashing Whilst Skiing

Skiing is a popular pastime for many people when they are on holiday. You might choose to go to Switzerland or France for some of the best slopes in the world. Skiing does not come without risks because you might have an accident when you are going down the mountain.

These accidents can result in broken bones and twisted ankles. You will need to be airlifted off the side of the mountain and down to the nearest hospital where you will be treated for your injuries. This type of accident can be covered by your travel insurance.

You should try and get some practice on ski slopes at home before you attempt to go on holiday to a ski resort. Novice skiers are the most likely to have accidents and you need to feel confident before you attempt a skiing holiday for the first time.

Falling Ill On Holiday

Going to a new country that has an unfamiliar climate and exotic food is one of the main reasons why people choose to pack their bags and go exploring. This is a chance to experience weather and food that you don’t have back home. However, there is also a drawback to this new environment, because you might start to suffer from heatstroke or food poisoning.

These illnesses can be extremely debilitating and they could cut your trip short. You will probably have to spend a few days in the hospital as a result, so you need to have comprehensive health insurance that will ensure you are not left out of pocket with expensive hospital bills.

When you are on holiday, it is important that you take necessary precautions. You may need to take tablets to protect yourself against tropical diseases which are prevalent in the country where you are staying. You should also check the cleanliness of every restaurant that you eat in whilst you are on holiday.

One of the best methods for eating out is choosing restaurants where lots of locals eat. They would not eat there if they knew that they were going to get ill. This means that you will be able to eat lots of different food without getting an upset stomach.

Being The Victim Of A Theft

Usually, people have an incident-free holiday that they are able to enjoy completely. However, you might, unfortunately, be the victim of a robbery on the street or a theft from your hotel room. When this happens you will have to cancel your credit cards so that extra money cannot be withdrawn from your account.

You should take out some comprehensive insurance which will cover you in the event of your wallet, valuables or passport being stolen. This is something that will give you a great deal of peace of mind when you are enjoying your holiday.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving allows you to explore the depths of the ocean which is teeming with all kinds of exotic flora and fauna. You should take out some insurance which will cover you in the event of a scuba diving accident. This is an extremely safe activity, so you should not be unduly worried that you are going to run into difficulty under the water.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is extremely exhilarating and is a very easy was to feel a buzz of adrenaline. However, there is a risk that you could injure yourself, you will want to take out insurance that covers you for this activity. Sometimes the bungee cord can be too long and sometimes it will break because of the weight of the person who is jumping.

Insurance that covers bungee jumping will allow you to enjoy the experience fully without worrying that you are going to be left out of pocket in the result of an accident.


There are few things more thrilling than jumping out of an aeroplane at 25,000 feet and free-falling through the air before opening your parachute. Skydiving is extremely safe and you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor as you are falling. You should make sure that you take out full insurance that will cover you in the event of a skydiving accident.

Choose comprehensive travel insurance so that you will have peace of mind.

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