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If you’re seeking adventure in your vacation, and you love the ocean, you should think about spending a week on a chartered yacht. With destinations like the Caribbean, the Riviera, the coast of Africa, Greece, Asia, Australia and more, you could sail away to exotic shores for many year’s worth of exciting vacations without running out of places to see and experience. Just think about getting to wake up every morning seeing a stunning new view from the deck – it’s enough to put static hotel rooms of your past totally in the shade.

When you set sail in a chartered yacht, you can rely on relaxation and fun – leaving the driving and maintenance of the craft to expert captain and crew. Your crew acts as your experts on the locales you visit as well, knowing the regions they sale to well enough to help you decide what to do and see as you travel – much better than being trapped in a tour. The crew also knows how to help you enjoy any number of activities related to water fun like snorkeling, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, Jet skis and more. You will be served meals that will make your mouth water, staggering in presentation and flavor and often using locally obtained fresh ingredients.

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Part of your experience could be learning sailing skills if you opt for a yacht that is wind-driven for the majority of your trip. These are skills you can build on trip after trip, and many vacationers do so over the course of several years. Others prefer to leave the sailing to their crew and just “check out” – total relaxation being the word of their days. The thing is, you can make your chartered yacht vacation anything you want it to be within the confines of your budget.

And if that budget is tighter than you think will allow you to hire a chartered yacht, consider vacationing with family or friends who can help share the expenses. This is a great way to gain your new experiences and also share them with those who mean the most. Even if the boat you choose has somewhat limited space inside, you will find yourself out and on deck or in the water so much you won’t have any problems with the shared space. Customers of chartered yachts rave about the experience so much, they swear they will never return to hotels on the beach.

There is a powerful sense of freedom on the water, something that is nearly impossible to experience any other way but in a chartered yacht. You might have been on cruises before, using the major cruise lines, but the difference between those behemoths and your private chartered yacht is so big it is almost incomparable. The only true likeness is that both occur on the open sea – there the similarity ends. Your cruise isn’t driven by a cruise director and standard ports of call – you call the shots on shore points and direction on your chartered yacht. Take a look at sites like to learn more about hiring a private chartered yacht. You don’t have to just sit on one beach – you can visit all of them.
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