Why Timeshares Are Still Relevant

Timeshares have a colorful history. In the early 2000’s, they were a booming business and millions of people flocked to their timeshares annually, feeling like they always had a home away from home waiting for them each vacation season. And while the industry isn’t quite the booming business it once was, there are still many good reasons that people choose to purchase timeshares still today.

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The ideal is simple. Instead of having to rush to book hotel rooms and resorts, you simply share time on a particular rental condo or resort. You go at your time of the year and you’re all set. For that one period of time each year, you’ve got the place all to yourself. For those who love to vacation, timeshares STILL make a tremendous amount of sense.

Hotel reservations can take an enormous amount of time to set up. You have to sort through all of the hotels in the area you want to vacation in. This can be time consuming and worst of all frustrating. If you get there and your room isn’t like they said it was online, it can be a disaster. If you just get a hotel when you get to where you’re going, everything worth having may already be booked up.

With a timeshare, people have a sense of ownership, and in fact do own the timeshare for the length of time that they buy it for. What it also does, though, is mean that if you were to get sick of that particular timeshare, you can’t just walk away from it. You would need to sell your timeshare (in effect, your “time” at the resort or condo you purchased). And yes, timeshares have a lot to read about that you will want to understand completely before you buy it.

Despite all of this, people are still happy to buy and rent a timeshare. They’re relevant today, if not as booming an industry as they once were. Billions of dollars are spent on these annually by a large segment of the population that takes their vacations very seriously. And who could blame them? It’s quite a relief to know that when you get to go on your annual vacation, your timeshare is there waiting for you safe and sound. 

Things aren’t the same in the industry as they once were, but timeshares aren’t going away any time soon, and there’s no indication that the U.S. public wants them to go away. Picking out a hotel room online or trying to get one in person is such a hassle that for those who have the money, timeshares remain a valid and wise idea over a long period of time. If you know that vacation is coming, a timeshare is a great idea for you and your family. You can rest assured that it’s always there at the time you’ve purchased it for, and you never have to worry about hopping online and surfing for decent hotel rooms ever again in the future.

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